In 2006, Dervaes Gardens received a Greenopia Guide FOUR LEAF award of achievement in recognition of its high level of commitment to sustainability and green practices. This places Dervaes Gardens in the top 10% of Los Angeles area businesses.

We utilize organic fertilizers and natural gardening methods, as well as low-impact preparation of our produce. All water that we use to wash the fruit, produce or flowers is recycled back into the garden. Any product that is not up to our standards to sell to our customers is consumed in our next meal, fed to the animals or composted. We store our produce in reusable containers and recycle or compost other waste such as used paper towels.

Our refrigerator is powered by our solar panels during the day and by city green energy at night. Your order is delivered to your business either in a car fueled by homebrewed biodiesel or, better yet, sometimes by zero-carbon fuel transportation-a bicycle.

In addition, we strive to reduce the amount of packaging that goes into packing our produce. If you have boxes, bags, egg cartons - please recycle and exchange them with your next order.

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